We're back! Kicking off 2020 - a new year, a new decade - with a bang!

Our Christmas and New Year holiday was a much needed relaxing time in the fun. We’re refreshed, recharged and pumped for the year ahead. This year it’s all about doing less, accomplishing more and focusing on the things that matter.  

At last year's town hall, we looked at imagining a life for yourself from unlimited possibilities.

I want to help you get everything you want this year. 

We took the time to reflect, imagine and visualise: 

Think about possibility, we’re standing here a year from now. 

What are we celebrating? 

What do you want to create this year?

What do you need to help you get there? 


From our last town hall we've launched a few new initiatives. 

1. Monday Morning Huddles - this is a quick roundtable to share what you're working on, set some action items for the week and have others hold you accountable each week. 

2. Friday wins & celebrations - we often shy away from celebrating our own wins and accomplishments. Here's a chance to give yourself (and your coworkers) a pat on the back for reaching the goals you set out to each week. 

3. Ringing the bell! Yet another chance to to celebrate successes during the week as you have them. 


This year, we're launching a growth package for members who are committed to growing their businesses this year. This will cover strategic planning, growth strategy and building the mindset to push through any blocks that you’re currently stuck on. 


From the Town Hall, we had a list of feedback and ideas that the community is keen to see this year. This included:

  • A focus on wellness initiatives - for example more meditation sessions and talks from outside experts like Dr. Habit
  • A shared virtual assitant 
  • A community wall to give visibility into members' expertise and help needed.  links on the website for members.


Our goal is to have this place buzzing with new members to build the community, help you grow and connect with. We’d love your help with this. We want more people like you - thoughtful, high-vibe, talented humans

If anyone comes to mind, send them through to [email protected]auckland.co.nz.

Together we’re gonna make magic happen this year!


- Kristen xx


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