Madina Knight has seen her fair share of injustice. From a very early age she was exposed to instability and suffering.

Growing up in Russia during two wars was no walk in the park. In fact, a simple walk in the park was extremely dangerous. At the susceptible age of 12 years old Madina’s family had had enough and moved to New Zealand in search of a better, safer life.

Living in cushy Auckland didn’t close her eyes to the darkness in the world but made her more focused on playing her positive part.

Today, Madina is a voice for the vulnerable, and she has written countless appeals and marketing strategies for ‘social good’. Madina shines a light on the darkest tragedies, and puts the spotlight on brands that have a higher purpose, those who are not just filling their own pockets.

Whether a clear mind is needed to find that clarity in chaos, or a warm heart for writing sensitive stories for those in need of assistance, Madina is blessed with both.

When listening to her stories over a cuppa on the couch, Madina speaks with deeply affecting passion and drive, the kind that makes you think ‘geez I need to get back to work and create as much of a difference as her’. Madina has the unique ability to inspire you to jump on all the campaigns for the companies she represents.

The organic 27seconds wine that she represents, for example, donates all their proceeds to anti-human trafficking - our arms don’t need much twisting with that one now do they?

Madina’s passion is backed up with a Bachelor’s degree in communications and her Master’s degree in human rights. And her street cred includes working on global anti-human trafficking campaigns, providing tools in developing countries for them to be self-sufficient, and local disability causes.

Madina launched her communications business Kindtype this year to help ‘social good’ organisations grow their impact through great communication strategies, to reach their audience in the most compelling ways using the right channels, and build a strong movement for their cause.

“Words are incredibly powerful,” says Madina. “They build communities, start movements and shift mindsets. They are wonderful things.”

Madina explains that building a brand is not only visual. It’s about creating the correct tone of voice original to the business and directing it down the correct communication channels, she says.

“Social media gets an unfair, bad wrap. It connects people around the same idea and cause, which is so powerful for my clients to communicate.

Madina joined The Workshop because of the calm, inspiring atmosphere in the office space. She then quickly realised that the people at The Workshop were different. They are connected to a bigger movement, and they think and do things differently. She likes that.

Madina is right. We are different, and she fits right in with our caring clan of earth changers.   



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