If you don’t know Belinda Nash already - she’s no shrinking violet - this woman lights up any room with her charisma, not to mention her bright pink hair, sequins, fur and studs. She wears her love for expression on her skin and admits she likes to play silly. But when she’s in work mode it’s all headphones on and tappity tap on the keyboard with her two finger typing skills and her clickity clink bracelets.

From a little girl Belinda was in a fantasy land of her own, her father (a socialist lawyer) used to bring her home old typewriters from work to write up her elaborate imagination into screen plays at primary school. Belinda never trained as a writer, it just came naturally to her, as she just loved it.

At her first paid writing job, more than 20 years ago, her boss read her first line of the magazine she had written and said “This is rubbish, I won’t read the rest until you look at it again.” Although that could have been disheartening, Belinda was thankful for the critique. She feels they pushed her to the high standard of work she does now.

Her extroverted, theatrical expressions at events, and spontaneous dance moves after long periods of sitting, are a breath of fresh air at The Workshop and keep things lighthearted.

But don’t let Belinda’s tomfoolery trick you, this girl has got some serious smarts.

At university she studied a Bachelor of Music majoring in the aesthetics and psychology of music, a Bachelor of Arts in psychology, gained global Accreditation in Public Relations (APR), and a Master of Philosophy degree in autoethnography where she wrote a novel, graduating with First Class Honours. She also holds diplomas in Reflexology, Classical Massage, and Indian Head and Shoulders Massage, and has Reiki I, II and II.

Fun facts: Belinda graduated top of her year at university in Te Reo Māori, and at high school, she scored among the highest in New Zealand in School Certificate maths, becoming an examiner the following year.

She was also commissioned by the Head of Music School at university to write a chapter in a book about how music affects the unborn baby and child up to the age of 5 years old, still a university text today.

“I went to uni’ with no computers, hand wrote everything, then typed it up,” she laughs. “Research was research in those days, ya know books and stuff?”

In her two decade long working career Belinda has ghost written for many experts in their field including a Russian astrophysicist, deep sea scientists, award-winning winemakers, the chief of police for South East England (a jurisdiction of 9 million people), multiple CEOs, a few billionaires, and even wrote speech notes for British PM Tony Blair.

Belinda now chooses her clients, and ghost writes for many powerful, influential people and she doesn’t take on any work that doesn’t blend with her values of making a difference in the world.

She has written many articles for leading media agencies all over the world on topics such as fashion, death, sex and anything “interesting and different”, commissioned for her distinctive, irreverent writing style.

In 2015, Belinda won New Zealand Blogger of the Year and the coveted People’s Choice Award (beating heavyweight Xero) writing under her own name for popular blog, nzgirl.

“I think of my writing as putting together a puzzle,” Belinda explains, adding that she “somehow” has the ability to consolidate huge amounts of information and research into something easily digestible and interesting.

“It’s as if words just jump off the page to be collected and transformed,” she says.

In her spare time between (her many!) social gatherings, Belinda looks after the entire neighbourhoods’ cats that for some reason meet at her flat every day to to play. I’m guessing it’s the food she puts out for them?

She also adopts every dog that comes to visit The Workshop, especially her best friend Peg, the three-and-a-half legged resident dog.

Belinda said coming to The Workshop was the best decision she ever made because it’s everything a normal office isn’t.

“It’s the one place that I don’t feel different. There is no judgment or ego here.”

She also loves The Workshop’s composting and recycling of just about everything, something she has been passionate about since a child when her family had “seven rubbish bins for recycling and composting”, meaning she doesn’t have to compromise her values.

“Everywhere else I’ve worked I’ve had to suck it up by either putting things in the rubbish or put my hand into the rubbish each day to recycle what other people couldn’t be bothered sorting themselves,” something that she hated.

“Who’s making these shit values the norm anyway?”

Yeah, who is making shit values the norm?! Not us, we’re different.


Written by Brand Identity Coach Justine Jamieson


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