Olga Sorokina grew up in Saint Petersburg. Most of her younger years were spent living in solitude due to her asthma and allergies. She didn’t communicate much with other children as she was sick a lot of the time.

Her family lived in an apartment during a difficult time (90’s Russia) where rooms of families shared the communal living areas. The space lacked aesthetics, it was this that triggered Olgas love of design, she dreamed one day she would live in a more inspiring creative space.

At 13 she joined an art class, this became her favourite place on earth, somewhere her creative thoughts and ideas could manifest on paper. She couldn’t wait to go there every week to draw to her little hearts content.

Her love of creativity convinced her to study a Bachelor of Interior Architecture at Saint Petersburg State Art Academy and at this time she moved into her own apartment. This felt so special to her, her anxieties started to lessen and it was in this happy space that she met her now husband. He lived across the road and their windows looked towards one another, how cute is that?

After completing university Olga’s work took her to Denmark. She loved the language, culture and Scandinavian design was renowned all over the world. She was employed at a large Danish interior design firm where she worked on many big projects. There were also many grand residential projects she collaborated on across Europe.

During this time she continued to hand draw perspective drawings and shared them on social media. She was asked to teach via Skype by a woman who loved the drawings. Olga had never taught anyone before but realised how much she loved to teach. This sparked her business idea to teach drawing courses online. The normal 9-5 grind wasn’t so great for her health and she was seeking a different way of living.

Olga now runs two online interior design drawing courses - a beginners and advanced in three different languages Russian, Danish and English. So far she has had 7000 people sign up for her courses which she runs though YouTube . You can trial her free course in English on YouTube here Olgaart888.

After her husband’s contract ended in Denmark, Olga feared that they may have to move back to Russia, but luckily her husband secured a position lecturing in Mechanical Engineering for Auckland University. Olga can’t wait for her resident permit to come through so they can buy here and of course she can go to town designing the interior and make her very own space.  

Olga loves the climate and the holistic options for health here in New Zealand. This is important to her having lived a lot of her life unwell with asthma, anxiety and food allergies.

The healthy surroundings is what she enjoys most about The Workshop, the free journey meditations and yoga are her favourite events although the little homely comforts such as hot chocolate and cookie Fridays are another, “The space is also very productive and with the natural light, I find that very healthy too”.

She has really clicked with our family of wellbeing lovers and we look forward to continue to support Olga’s wellbeing here at The Workshop.

Find more about Olgaart888 here

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