Aligning Head & Heart - The ABC of mental well-being

Following our Hearts is something we know instinctively and yet learning to fully engage Heart-head aligned living is a lifetime practice. When you understand the Heart’s ways of communicating, you are open to the guidance of your very best teacher - YOU.

The ABC of mental well-being includes understanding the role of the Heart and how to train the everyday thinking mind.

A big part the challenge of mental illness is we don't know how to approach or support people with mental problems. In these sessions we discuss the heart's role in managing our appropriate response to life and what can happen when the Head and Heart are disconnected.

Discover your body as layers of energy, your Heart as your link to the universe and your mind as the steering wheel of your life.

Teachings include a blend of Chinese medical and indigenous wisdom teachings, Tibetan Yoga and meditation practices and interactive sharing.

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