Monday Pep Talk Live: On Purpose, with Anna Squelch + friends

If you're a recipient of Anna's Monday Pep Talk emails you'll know that they are chock full of inspiration and practical tips and tricks for living your best, most radically authentic life. If you follow her on Instagram or listen to her podcast, you'll know that no topics are off limits.

Join Anna + her panel of inspiring women (to be announced very soon) at the first ever Monday Pep Talk Live as they speak on all things P U R P O S E, including:

  • Why finding your purpose isn't actually as hard as you think
  • How to experience more inner peace and contentment on your path
  • How to stop caring what other people think
  • Finding what lights your soul on fire
  • How to stop fear from stopping you
  • Defining your core values and why these are so important
  • The power of intention and manifestation practices
  • Living an authentic, lit up life

This will be an evening full of insights, inspiration, empowerment, connection, radical authencity and - of course -plenty of LOL's. You will leave with a renewed sense of what purpose means to you, what's getting in the way, and how to take steps towards living your best, most expansive and authentically-inspired life. (And a bunch of new friends to join you on the journey).

So grab a girlfriend, get your tickets and be prepared to have your soul reawakened.

Ticket price includes light refreshments and a chance to win a door prize.

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