Build Unconditional Self-Worth


Join Alja Berk at an Interactive workshop "Build Unconditional Self-Worth" as we create space&time for reflection, important realizations, empowerment, healing, growth, balance, focus, and connection.


The truth

It isn't "normal" feeling stressed, overwhelmed, disconnected and anxious when our basic physiological & psychological needs are already met. It isn't okay to be achieving at a high level and not giving ourselves credit for it. It is destructive to our well-being to use most of our brainpower and energy to master the system, relationships, crucial conversations and be on "top of it all" at all times if the price we pay is not staying true to our nature and values.

Fully committing to valuing yourself unconditionally means giving yourself a chance to be authentic, make the best use of your life and acknowledge the moral responsibility of your privileged life.

Who is the Workshop for?

- For anyone that wants to learn about Self-Worth Framework to support them with overcoming self-doubt in difficult/crucial times and reduce stress&anxiety

- For anyone that wants to grow in all areas of life (professional and personal), empower decision making, increase authentic interactions, learn from own challenges and take control over own life

- For anyone that wants to thrive and be fulfilled in the whole process of reaching a goal, not only once there

- For anyone that wants to increase the amount of time when experiencing life joyfully and release unnecessary burdens and protective mechanisms that aren't serving their heartfelt desires

-For anyone that wants to make a positive impact on others and the planet as a whole and remain centered and hopeful

How will the Workshop look like?

18.30-19.00 arrival, time for informal socializing with some drinks&snacks

19.00-20.30 interactive workshop guided by Alja with room for valuable discussion and growth

20.30-21.30 feel free to hang out, exchange realizations with each other, connect

What's the content of the Workshop?

- Self-Worth model and the effects different states have on our well-being and experience of life

- Implications of unconditional self-worth on goal setting, relationships, impact

- Steps toward achieving unconditional self-worth and remaining there in crucial moments (business decisions, time pressure, important conversations)

Who will I meet there?

Awesome human beings willing to learn, grow, take control of their lives, make a meaningful impact and connect with like-minded people.